︎ Image research context research project, hybrid space, small collaborative platform, material archive, etc.

︎ Part of components and sections, Space, Institute, Land, Zone

︎  Forms of presentation, nodes and spaces, web sites, virtual spaces, media libraries, forums, etc.

︎  Modes of operation, reflecting on the media art environment; new roles for artists, fundraisers, virtual roles

︎  Developments, Intro, New Phase

Image Field is a multi-faceted research project on images, their media and contexts, and is structured in a rhizome structure, with a core research module and several extension modules.

Within the core research module, Image Field embodies a number of strategies for intervening in the complex phenomenon of the contemporary digital image, and covers the study of mediatisation based on the screen space and the infrastructure on which media art is based through a number of sub-projects, which are a collection of different smaller sub-projects. These sub-projects cover a number of different directions and enable a certain degree of research to be achieved.

In addition to the core research module and as an extension, Image Field is a stand-alone visual space - Image Field Space - which is a virtual space for the visualisation of the project, allowing for the creation of a visualisation of Image Field in online web space and offline computer systems. The Image Field Institute is another section, the Institute, which refers to an online multi-functional venue that includes an archive database, a collaboration platform, a virtual gallery and more. In contrast to the above sectors, which are predominantly online and virtual, the Image Field Zone is a working area that extends into the physical space, an area where projects can be implemented on the ground in conjunction with the research and results of Image Field. In a new phase, there will also exist Image Field Land, Image Field's digital economy strategy, which seeks to build a new model of funding support for projects.

Within the above sections, Image Field presents several hybrid and intersecting compositional forms, including a two-dimensional internet site that acts as an access point for the project, multiple video works featuring the project's research, a virtual three-dimensional space capable of housing Image Field and related visual compositions, a digital archive that preserves the project's research process and related materials, a web-based web-based forum for multi-user communication and practice, and a workshop that can exist in a physical space, etc.

The aim of the project is to try to develop a new mode of operation for artistic practice and to provide within its framework an exploration of the media art environment and the role of the artist. In addition to focusing on the image and media context, Image Field also involves the conception of a new role for the artist, in which the artist becomes more of an initiator, promoter and fundraiser of a complex project. Further on, the artist is transformed into a virtual persona that can be operated by different users.

Image Field was launched in 2020 and the first phase of its work, the implementation of the core research section, was carried out in early 2021 and is presented in Image Field - Intro. Image Field is currently in a new phase of construction, with Image Field Space, Image Field Institute and Image Field Zone all being implemented.

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